Resistance Misunderestimated!

The 1st United States Patent for an elastic resistance anchor point training system was granted in 1897. In the 20th century, convenience and cost made resistance bands popular with home programs and group training. For Physiotherapists the scalable resistance, versatility of angles and convenience made bands a valuable, even essential tool. Unfortunately, when it came

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The 100th Birthday Wish

If you lived to 100, what would your birthday wish be? Mine would be a clear mind. The good news is there’s hope for us. Emerging fitness science is discovering profound cognitive and central nervous system benefits of physical activity. The potential of physical training to keep your mind sharp is becoming increasingly clear. To

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Interview with Dennis Dunphy – innovator, educator and founder of Stick Mobility

The application of isometric/eccentric resistance is one of the leading edges of performance training. Today’s innovators are exploiting resisted tension and irradiation to train specific strength and ranges of motion. I’ve learned a lot from three leaders, in particular, these last few years.   Dr. Joel Seedman of Advanced Human Performance has developed a deep

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Perspectives on Practice – 5 Key Ideas

When it comes to sorting the gravel from the gold in the fitness industry the most valuable equipment and training approaches are evolved by experienced specialists who are passionate about what they do. These are the people whose advice you can trust. They are driven to get things right and make them better. Their insights are

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Ground Forces with Andy Hsieh of Movement Reborn

How you experience the ground has a fundamental impact on how you move. Your ability to sense and manage ground forces have a profound effect on how your muscles, ligaments and tendons are co-ordinated by your central nervous system. Appreciating ground forces is a tremendous help training any and all needs, from fragile populations to

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Interview: David Weck – Tool Developer and Educator

If there’s a functional fitness leader the go heavy training world loves to hate on it’s this guy. But then ya always hate on the other teams’ best player. David Weck’s BOSU opened up a revolution in training 20 years ago. Today you will find this tool in almost every training room and clinic in

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Anchor Gym Inventor – Shawn Finnegan

When it comes to innovation Physical Therapists provide so much the fitness industry. Not surprising when you realize the type of person that gets attracted to that profession. They are smart compassionate problem solvers, and they often have specific needs that existing tools don’t serve well. Shawn’s design, The Anchor Gym, is a smart simple

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High Low Anchored Bands Workout

Here’s a breakdown of the workout using the APT Wide Webbing Bands anchored Hi/Lo with the APT Double Loop Door Anchor. There are several benefits to training with longer anchored bands; 1 – variety in dimensions of resistance with longer ranges of motion 2 – the ability to train many patterns 3 – the ability

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Interview with Anthony Carey – Inventor of the CoreTex

I’m really grateful to have connected with Anthony Carey in 2010, I’ve learned a ton from him over the years. We first met at a trade show in Toronto in 2010, he was representing his design the CoreTex, I was introducing the ARC. In this interview, we cover some interesting ground on the CNS and

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