Love training with Bands?   Hate when rubber bands pinch and break?
We’ve got a fix for that!
These tools will take your band training to the next level.

For ten years APT has been developing anchored resistance training tools that do more and are more comfortable to use. We made more great steps forward with our tech this year. This progress has meant our education needs to catch up and that part always takes a little more time.

We’re revamping our entire website right now including of our education program. Until that remodel is finished you can get your NEW APT gear here!!

You’ll find training ideas for these new tools on our Vimeo and Facebook pages.

APT Hip Loop

34” – Wide webbing continuous loop, light or heavy

$15 each

2 for $25

Purchase Options:

APT Unbreakable Band 2.0

8’ long – Double wide midpoint handle, wide webbing, carabineers on ends, light or heavy

$65 each

2 for $120


APT Suspension Strap

Double wide handles, adjustable/stable straps

$59 – Black OR Pink

$100 – Black & Pink


APT Door Anchor

$16 each

APT Prowler Band

16’ long – Wide webbing, heavy only

$65 each

2 for $120


APT Extender Strap

$9 each